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Return to You

Do you have a sense that you could be more...You?

Perhaps you sometimes feel lost, or empty.  Or as if some part of yourself has been forgotten or left behind. Maybe things look good "on paper" but there's a feeling of something missing. Do you ever wonder about your own habits and behaviors and wish for understanding?  Have you ever thought "I just want to feel like myself again?" 


Perhaps you have a sense that you are still becoming "you," and you seek transformative growth to enhance the process. 


Maybe you need help processing a trauma or crisis that is changing how you understand yourself and the world.

Or you may be on the event horizon of exciting change and want support as you navigate something new!


The search for self can be challenging (and deliciously rewarding). The presence of a compassionate other person can be a remarkable catalyst for self-discovery and healing.


It's easy to lose oneself in the obligations, stresses, and traumas of life. The world provides countless challenges, hardships, and heartbreaks that can leave us feeling lost and uncertain.  We might find ourselves acting in destructive ways, or frantically disorganized, or parlayzed by indecision, fear or apathy. We have become separated from our true selves. When we are un-aligned in this way, life can feel empty or painful. Reconnecting to your essential Self can relieve your suffering, leading to a more fulfilling life, with stronger relationships, greater energy, confidence, and more joy.


How can psychotherapy help?


Psychotherapy offers the extraordinary experience of an exclusive relationship with a non-judging, and non-defensive other. As your therapist, I am fully dedicated to knowing you, treating you with compassionate positive regard, and supporting your unique process of becoming.  Together we can discover who You are, and work through the obstacles that block your connection to your Self. My job is to help you access the gifts, wisdom, strength, and resilience that are inherently yours.


 If you struggle with any of the following conditions or life events, integrative depth psychotherapy may offer you a resource for relief by helping you Return to You, and a life more fully lived. 



Life Transitions

(new jobs/relationships/relocations; entering a new phase of life, etc.)

 Depression | Anxiety 

Post Traumatic Stress


 Suicidal Ideation/Attempts 

 Social Anxiety | Loneliness 

 Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviors  

 Sexual Dysfunction | Sex Trauma | Abuse Survivor 

 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) 

 Somatic tension & discomfort 

IBS | Crohn's | CFS

Panic Attacks 

 Substance Abuse/Addictions including Early Recovery/Abstinence/Harm Reduction

Disordered Eating | Body Image 

Anger Management 

 Relational Issues 

 Gender Exploration/Expression

Unplanned Pregnancy | Abortion | Pregnancy Loss  

Suicide Loss Survivors


Creative Blocks

Spiritual Awakenings | Religious Trauma | Existential Questions 

 *  *  *

I prefer not to diagnose my clients. However, I welcome clients with the following pre-existing diagnoses (although, with the presence of psychotic features I strongly urge additional psychiatric care):






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