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Integrative Depth Psychotherapy
Offering Counseling Services to
Individuals, Couples, and Families.

  • Individual Psychotherapy

  • Couples Counseling

  • Family Therapy

  • Group Therapy


Individual Therapy is usually conducted in weekly 50 minute sessions, or more frequently as needed. Duration of Individual Therapy is open-ended, and often long-term; consistency is encouraged for efficacy.  Please see below, or click here to read more about individual therapy.


Couples Counseling is ususally conducted in 50 minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Duration is open-ended, or as-needed, but consistency is encouraged. 75 minute sessions also available for pro-rated fee and when planned in advance.  I welcome "couples" of all types! LBGT-etc, hetero, monogomous, poly, married, unmarried, non-sexual partnerships, just-friends, business partnerships, roommates... ANY 2 people who are in relationship, seeking support for their unique dynamic, and who mutually consent to therapy. 


Family Therapy may be conducted with 2 or more family members, including children of all ages. Many families seek therapy to process  difficult dynamics or past trauma; to strengthen their communication skills; to resolve differences, or to receive support through a crises.

50 minute sessions may be lengthened (with pro-rated fee)  when planned in advance. Duration and frequency are as needed.


Group Therapy is a safely contained collective experience designed for interpersonal connection and shared wisdom. As social beings, we need community. Sometimes our suffering makes us feel alone. Groups are created to bring people together whom need support, or wish to exlpore a shared theme. Examples of themes: Suicide Loss Survivors; Healthy Sex and Intimacy for Women/LGBTQ; Recovery from Substance Abuse (non-12 Steps);  Healing Sex Trauma; Preventing Burnout: Self-Care for the Healing Professions; Mindfulness & Stress Management; Gratitude Circle. The Group Therapy offered in this practice is usually co-facilitated with another trained clinical professional. Groups may be closed, meaning a pre-selected cohort of people will work together for a set duration of meetings. Or they may be open, in which case people may come or go and join at any time while the group runs. Groups will be advertised and listed on this website, and run for a specific period of time. Particpants will be screeened by phone by in advance. I welcome suggestions for group themes via email.



Who Are My Clients?

  • Adults

  • Teenagers

  • POC

  • "Third Culture Children"

  • Students

  • Artists

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Tech-Industry Professionals

  • C-Suite Execs

  • Social Workers & Therapists

  • Parents

  • Single Moms/Dads

  • Birth Mothers

  • Women Healing from Abortion/Unplanned Pregnancy trauma

  • Alternative Families


  • Sex Workers

  • Sex Trauma Survivors

  • Differently-Abled

  • Spiritual Seekers

  • Religious Trauma

  • Substance-Dependent

  • People In Recovery

  • I do not diagnose my clients unless requested or required. However, I welcome clients with pre-existing mental health diagnoses including:

    • PTSD

    • autistic spectrum

    • psychotic disorders

    • mood disorders

    • personality disorders


What is Integrative Depth Psychotherapy?


VERSATILE, a blend of psychological theory and concsiousness philosophy, adaptable for each unique client. Integrative Psychotherapy includes a range of ancient and contemporary wisdom from around the world, as well as a variety of holistic healing modalities. Whatever your background, your reason for seeking therapy, or your goals, we can find an approach that works for you. 


My personal practice of Integrative Depth Psychotherapy is relational-humanistic and holisitic.  This means that I hold you in unconditional positive regard, as a complete person with many facets, and that I consider our relationship an important part of the work we do. I believe in non-pathologizing, trauma-informed cultural humility. This means I am always working towards understanding and empowering you--I wonder at what's happened to you, and how you wish to be, rather than what's 'wrong' with you or whose fault it is. My cultural humility means I recognize the differences between us and consider you the only expert on who you are, where you come from, and how you experience life.


What Does Integrative Depth Psychotherapy Look Like?


Usually, we simply sit and talk--there's something undeniably powerful and comforting about sitting in presence together and talking about what feels alive in that moment. This might include recent experiences, your dreams, your hopes and fears, or your past. We can talk about the nature of therapy, the current events of your life, your history, or about the dynamic between you and I.  


Sometimes, we may practice breathing techniques, or somatic self-soothing tools. We can use CBT methods. We may use expressive art, or cathartic music.  You might share something you've created. I may lead a guided meditation or we might explore Gestalt-style exercises that include role-playing, or empty-chair dialogues. We may facilitate conversations between you and other parts of yourself. We might incorporate cathartic yoga asanas such as shivasana or child's-pose. Perhaps there is a ritual you are drawn to, or a small experiment we might create to unlock emotional content. There's plenty of room for creativity, but most importantly, my work is "client-centered", meaning I take my cues from you. Therapy progresses at your pace, and we work within co-created boundaries. 


My relationship with you will be different than with any other client. Therefore, my methods are nuanced and intuitive, to meet your specific needs. I practice psychotherapy with fluidity of technique and theory, to best support the movement of your personal transformation. Let's get started! 


I look forward to hearing from you.


If you live outside of California, please visit my Coaching site to connect.

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